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Post by Ameteal on Fri Jan 22, 2016 10:10 pm


The basement was dark as usual with only a small lamp illuminating the crowded desk. It swung steadily from a thin chain, creating a spotlight on the hunched figure over the desk. Down here, it smelled of coffee and human sweat, as if the sole occupant was doing heavy lifting instead of doing calculations. The stairs creaked as someone descended into the darkened room.

“Mom?” a girl called. She rubbed her arms, the basement always gave her a creepy feeling. “Dad says dinner is ready…” she let her words hang in the air but her mother seemed to be in a world of her own. “Mom?” she called again and shuffled forward. Her mother's dark hair had fallen loose from her ponytail and looked greasy in the light. Suddenly, the woman shot up from her seat with a yell.

“I've got it!” She dashed to a corner of the room, it was amazing she didn't stumble on all the scraps of computers and machines she had laying around. The generator hummed to life and the rest of the basement burst in a ray of life. Amy had to cover her eyes and wait for them to adjust to the new brightness. The room wasn't large, but it seemed small because it was filled with junk. Her mother loved to collect scraps and tinker down here in the dark, her latest project, her “baby”, always kept her for hours at a time, sometimes days. Most times it seemed and she and Cassie didn't even have a mother. The only times they could drag her out of her hovel was when they put on the Harry Potter movies, or more recently Doctor Who episodes. Amy turned as she heard someone else enter the basement.

“Did you tell her dinner is on?” her sister asked. Amy nodded. Cassie stood beside her and they watched their mother's frenzy as she hopped over the scattered machinery on the floor. She was mumbling under her breath as she pulled random pieces and placed them together.

“Mom? MOM!” Cassie yelled and finally the woman turned around. She beamed at her daughters and swept her hands on her dirty lab coat.

“Hello girls,” she said in a faint English accent. “What is lunch on? Tell your father, I'll eat in a bit. I'm almost finished. I'm certain this time.”

“It's dinnertime, mom.” Amy began but their mother had already returned to her tinkering. She rubbed her temples, a movement her sister mirrored.

Amy marched forward and yanked on her mother's lab coat. “Mom, come on up. Please,” she said. Finally, their mother seemed to come down from her cloud and studied the two girls.

“Oh dears, I haven't been a good mother, have I?” She motioned Cassie forward and looped an arm around them both. “Oh my sweet, sweet girls. Come, let us have some dinner and maybe a bit of telly.”

Amy giggled, glad to have their mother back even for a short while. They silenced the generator and the lights blinked off, leaving the single bulb again.

“So, what are you working on this time mom?” Cassie asked as they went up the stairs.

“Oh, something marvelous!” the woman clapped her hands. “I think I've figured out the secrets of time travel—oh is that beef stew I smell?”

Their father, leaned back in his seat, arms out wide, “Ah! The prodigal daughter returns!” he said with a smile. It was obvious that the girls received most of their looks from their mother, her long black hair and pale skin. They didn't have her black eyes however, nor their father's brown eyes; their eyes were a light grey, or silver as their mother liked to say. They each took their seats and began to eat.

“Are you serious?” Amy asked through a mouthful of stew.

“Swallow, dear.”

She did and asked, “your machine, mom, do you really think you can travel through time?”

Their mother nodded enthusiastically, “yes yes, I'm surprised why I didn't see the solution sooner. The Doctor was right along. Time isn't linear—”


“Dad!” the twins cried. He looked at them sheepishly, and turned off his phone. He blew a kiss to his wife who pretended to catch it.

“Wasn't that the bloke who said time was wibbly? That doesn't sound like science to me,” he said.

“Time is “from a non-linear, non-subjective point of view, more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff”.

“You always sound so sexy when you speak nerd.”

“Dad!” the twins yelled and made the point to plug their ears.

“What?” he shrugged, “you were made somehow. You're almost sixteen, you should know all about this—”

“I was saying,” their mother cleared her throat, “time isn't linear and of course, neither is space.”

“That's three dimensional,” Cassie said.

“Correct!” their mother beamed. “But that's not all, let's say, that time is the fourth dimension and the fifth...”

She never slowed in her explanations. Dinner finished quickly and their parents were off to bed, leaving the girls to their own devices. They lay on the floor, eyes glued to the television as they watched their favorite show, Full metal Alchemist. They had the volume turned down low as to not disturb their parents.

The television went dark.

The girls checked the kitchen and the neon glow of the microwave was dead as well.

“Damn it, let's go check the box,” Amy said. They grabbed the emergency flashlight from the pantry closet and ventured into black of the basement hand in hand. Something clattered near by and they jumped.

“Sorry,” Cassie whispered. “I hit something.” They continued slowly. The fuse box was on the other side of the basement by the generator. Amy handed the light to Cassie, and opened the box. She flipped the switches.

“Alright, we should be good.” They turned to go but stopped at the sight of their mother's machine. It didn't look like much, the base was square, bulky and had wires running out of it into the genie. A short rod rose from the base and ended into an old keyboard that was missing the function and shift keys. On the table next to the machine was an old, bulky computer monitor. On its screen was a blinking green line.

“She must have forgotten to turn it off,” Cassie said.

“Maybe, yea.” Amy said. “Should we turn it off?”

Cassie pressed the power button and a stream of green numbers and characters ran down the computer screen. She whispered, crap!  After a few seconds, the computer read:
Enter Destination

Diagon Alley;

ERROR; destination not found

“She tried….” Amy started.

“ go to Diagon Alley,” Cassie finished. The girls sighed.

“I knew she was obsessed, but this is a whole new level.”

“She's probably making a game,” Cassie said, “let's try it out.” Her hand darted forward to the keyboard.

“ has finally snapped. Don't touch it and let's head back, I hate this place.” Amy tugged at her sister's shirt but her eyes stared at the screen. “Cassie...”

“It's not like it's gonna work,” she said as she pressed the backspace button. The words that replaced Diagon Alley with Ametris. “And...enter,”
she said as her finger hovered over the key.

“Cassie!” Amy chided and tried to grab her hand. Cassie shoved her back.

“Just a quick check.”

“No! We're going upstairs.” They struggled over the keyboard and accidentally hit a few extra keys. They stumbled over the base, Cassie had a fist full of her sister's hair while Amy's teeth clamped down on her arm. Neither girl relented until they heard a series of pings. They froze and turned to the monitor.

The screen read:
Enter Destination


Location found

“No way.” Cassie whispered in awe.

“It's a mistake,” Amy countered. It had to be. Another line popped onto the screen.

“Standby for what?” Amy didn't have to wait for an answer, the machine's base emitted a ghastly whirling sound and bright light engulfed them.

Then they were falling.

“Holy Crap!” Amy cried as they tumbled through the air. They fell towards a red tarp which split under their combined weight. Boxes of fruits broke their fall. Amy sat up with sticky orange nectar dripping from her arms.

“What the crap?” Cassie yelled. The sisters winced when they tried to stand, they could feel the bruises starting to form. A rush of voices soon surrounded them.

“You two you're late!” A large man lumbered towards them in a familiar blue uniform. His sharp brown eyes studied them up and down. “We expected you nurses days ago.”

“We're not nurses.” Amy said.

The man rubbed a hand over his shaved head. “Shit, they sent me girls when I for men.”

Amy could hear Cassie hum “Make a Man Out of You” under her breath.

“What was that cadet?” the man yelled. The sisters snapped to attention.

“Did they send me daughters when I asked for sons!” Cassie sang. The man glared at them then sighed.

“Alright, beggars can't be choosers. The name's Colonel Ryan and you two?”



“Amy and Cassie what? This is the military, you signed up for it, start acting like it.”

Amy mumbled under her breath and the Colonel asked her to repeat.

“Amalthea Sarir Black,” she said, “sir.”

“Cassiopeia Sarin Black, sir!” Cassie said.

The colonel nodded and ushered them to the camp a few paces away.

“They didn't even give you gear, lazy bastards. There,” he pointed towards a makeshift tent. “Go get some gear and meet me back here for your mission status.” The girls walked as if in a dream and waited in line for their gear, an Amestrian uniform, boots, and knapsack with “basic” necessities.

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Post by Mukki on Tue Jan 26, 2016 1:27 pm

Cassi practically bounced in excitement as she looked at the uniform. “Is…. Is this real! Tell me this is real. Mom did it she actually did it!” Cassi smiled brightly as she got her uniform. Looking at the size of it she turned to the man issuing the gear. “Um sorry do you have anything smaller than this?”
“That is the smallest we have. NEXT!”
“Crap now I know how Edward felt.” She muttered as she turned to her sister.
“Amy…. You alright?”
“Am I alright!” Amy turned to her sister with a glare “We fell out of the fucking sky!”
“This is an immersion game sis. You know a full dive system! This is like…. Dot Hack!” Cassi whispered in excitement as the two started went to a curtained off area to put on their new uniforms.
“You mean a game where we are probably at home in a fucking coma! That’s even better huh!” Amy growled out as she tied up her pants wrapping the belt around her waist twice to hold up the baggy pants.
“Oh stop being so dramatic sissy we will be fine.”
“Says you!”

When the two finally stepped out of the tent and looked at their new commanding officer they could practically see the steam rising of the man.
“For fucks sake! Are you two fucking children! You are practically swimming in those damn uniforms.” He shouted as he grabbed a rock and then punted it off into the distance.
“Follow me! Women fucking women they didn’t even sent me a scrawny ass boy no they insult me by sending me two wet behind the ears women.” He growled out as he stomped his way through the base.

“Now I’m going to make this fast. Over there is the mess! You get 3 hots a day 0500, 1200, and 1900. Do not miss your fucking meals or I will hunt you the fuck down and drag you to the mess and fucking spoon feed you like the children you are! I will not put up with vanity out here. You will eat, you will gain weight and you will be healthy! Am I clear!”

“Sir yes Sir”

“Now because you are females you will have your housing near officer quarters. You will not sleep with the men. You will not enter male quarters unsupervised you will not go sneaking around near male quarters. There will be no sexual encounters in my camp. The same will apply to the men they will not enter your quarters they will not be alone near your housing they are not allowed in your chambers. If you are harassed sexually by the men I want to be notified immediately and I will put them in their place. 6 feet under and in the ground you hear me. I run a clean base here.”

“Sir yes sir.”

“Now med bay is over there. Now I know you females have your…. Time that I don’t want to fucking even think about. 1 week a month you will have nurse duty, No question! I won’t give you shit at that time. I’m not leaving a hostile female out and about with a gun when she is bleeding due to the devils waterfall. Take your time when you need it. Help out the doctors take your break maybe you will learn something that will be useful.”

“Sir, yes sir.”

“And god damnit don’t be a robot tell me if you understand. Now training will start soon we will get you into shape. There should be a sewing kit in your quarters. Do me a favor and fucking alter that uniform to suit you. I won’t put up with you both tripping on your pants. You get your weapons tomorrow and I will make sure you two can fucking shoot before I send you both to the front lines. Now here we are get out of my site. Fucking women! Women not even a cripple they sent me females!”

Cassi watched the man stomp off. “Well isn’t he a ball of sunshine.” Cassi said with a smile. “Lets go find our save point.”

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Post by Ameteal on Wed Jan 27, 2016 11:48 pm

“Stereotypical hard-ass CO, check,” Amy mumbled. The female housing building was dwarfed by the size of the officer quarters, making it look like a shack in comparison. They entered the musty building and immediately opened the windows to let in some fresh air.

“Sweet some beds.” The natural light revealed the stark furniture in the small room. There were four military cots, two on each side of the room, and a small chest at the foot of each bed. Amy dropped her things on top of one of the chests and jumped into a bed. She heard another bed squeak as her sister lay down on the adjacent bed. She closed her eyes and waited….and waited. “Did yours save?”

“I don't know,” Cassie replied.

There came a knock on their door.

“Um, come in!” The girls said in unison.

The door opened but the person remained outside. “I'm 2nd Lieutenant Compton.” The officer looked nervous or maybe it was the heat of the desert because he was sweating profusely. “It seems like your paperwork has been lost in transit and the Colonel needed you to fill these out.” He extended two clipboards with one hand.

“You could just come in,” Amy said. The young man shook his head furiously.

“Colonel's orders, no man is allowed to step foot in the female barracks,” he gulped, “please I don't want to get punished.”

Amy grabbed the clipboards and the lieutenant jumped away from the doorway.

“I'll be waiting right here!” he yelled and did an about-face. His back was rigid. Amy closed the door slowly and passed a clipboard to her sister.

“So weird. Got to give mom creds for unique characters.” The clipboard contained a single sheet of paper. It called for the regular information such name, date of birth, residency… “Um, what year is this supposed to be?” she asked. Cassie shrugged and stuck her head out of the door.

“Hey, what year is it?”

Compton spoke with his back to the back. “1901, miss.”


The girls quickly filled out the rest of the information, placing their date of birth as 12/06/1986.

“What about residency? It's not like we can say we're from San Diego.” Amy said.

Cassie tapped her pen on the paper before scrawling the word Resembool. “Like Ed
and Al.”

They went outside to give Compton their registration then returned to their barrack. There was a small hallway that lead to a bathroom, although dirty, it was still in working condition. The girls spent the rest of the day attempting to mend their uniforms.


“Get up you lazy bums!” the Colonel's amplified voice made the girls groan. Outside the sun barely peeked over the horizon. “Asses outta your beds now!” This time his command was followed by a trumpet.

“It's too early to be alive,” Amy sandwiched her head with her pillow. Suddenly, there was a banging on their door.

“I said asses out!” The girls scrambled into their uniforms which despite their mends, were still too baggy. They ran outside into the chilly desert air to join the ranks of groggy recruits. The day went fast from doing drills, exercises and more drills. They took a break for breakfast. The dish was dry bread and pale, lumpy bowl of mush. It was oatmeal, apparently. The afternoon was filled with shooting drills.

“Finally, something cool,” Amy whispered. The rifle she was issued heavier than she anticipated.

“Little girls shouldn't be playing with guns.”  The armory officer laughed as he watched her struggle.

“I'll show you little.” Amy hoisted the gun and tried to keep it level. Across the field, about twenty meters ahead were a line of dummies with paper targets on them.

Amy fired. The shot missed the target by a few feet and hit the ground. Men chuckled behind her. She adjusted and fired again. She missed again. She cursed her breath.

“This is why women shouldn't be the military.”

She sent a glare over her shoulder but she couldn't tell who had said it. Cassie gave
her a thumbs up and she tried again. Amy tuned everyone else out and focused on her target. This time, she managed to hit the edge of the outermost ring. Although she wasn't satisfied, she stepped back so Cassie could have her turn.

“Another disappointment,” came the whisper.

Amy smirked, if anyone could hit that target it would be Cassie.

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Post by Mukki on Thu Feb 04, 2016 12:08 pm

Cassie took the gun and examined it trying to get a feel for its weight. Looking out at the target she peered down the muzzle and lined up her barrel with the target. She ignored the jeering men as she took a breath.

"We are waiting Black? Or would you rather reenlist as a nurse?" One of the men called back

"Oh yea I know we would love you to take care of all our problems." Another stated making a suggestful swing of his hips.

Cassie gritted her teeth as she took a final breath and pulled the trigger. Her bullet cut through the air and impaled the dummy a few rings short of the center.

"Shit!" on of the men shouted as they all stood up and stared between Cassie and her target.

"You have 2 more shots Black."

Adjusting her grip on the gun she lined up her shot and fired again This time her shot sailed true hitting the target dead center.

As the men behind her shuffeled in shock Cassie aligned her shot again and fired the final shot tearing into the dummy head.

"No one likes a show of Black get back into line!" Their commander yelled with a smirk.

"Now if a little girl can give me a dead ringer and a head shot you sorry asses should be able to as well. Start practicing! And Miss Black I want you to work twice as hard as these sorry asses. If Twinkle toes here can preform that marksmanship you can too."  he stated  as he stared Amy down.


Cassie looked at the dirt ring that was set up infront of them. "You want me to what now?"

"Black a solider is not just a good Marksmen they are also well trained in hand to hand combat. You and Wilson here will be fighting with each other. Wilson if you even touch her suggestively I will chop off both your hands and make you a eunuch myself!" The commander yelled making the man gulp.

"Begin." with a shot fired in the air the two were circling each other. As Wilson made to lunge at her Cassie cartwheeled out of the way. Willson growled as he made to lunge at her again but she rolled away to the right.

"Come on black! Fight back. This is not a game! if you get caught what do you think the enemy will do to a little whisp of a woman like you. They will eat you alive and they won't be having any godly thoughts when they have you pinned!"

Cassie gulped as Wilson Made to lunge at her again and then faked her out when she moved in the opposite direction. Seeing Wilson rush her she dropped and kicked her feet up. The kick hit Wilson in the chest and the momentum carried him over her head and into the dirt.

"Fuck!" Wilson shouted.

As Cassie started to get up the man grabbed her by the ankle and then pulled her to him grasping her in a choke hold.

"And your dead!" The commander shouted. "Release."

Wilson dropped Cassie to the ground coughing. "Delaying tactics are good but you don't want to be on the floor when you have a man twice your size after you. You obviously have a preference to distance but if you don't have a weapon you are fucked. We will be working on your close combat skills. Black #2 your up!"

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Post by Ameteal on Thu Feb 04, 2016 4:14 pm

Amy rolled her shoulders as her opponent stepped up, Cameron, at least that was what the Colonel had yelled. He was average height, hair shaved close to the scalp, it looked fluffy like a baby penguin. The muscles of his arms bulged beneath his uniform. A muscle-head. She let out a breath and settled into her stance, legs set wide and left leg forward.  

“Begin!” the colonel shouted.

Cameron rushed her. She deflected his punch with her left hand and punched with her right. He skipped back a few paces. Amy didn't let him recover and ran forward. Cameron brought up his arms to block his face like a boxer. Amy dropped down and kicked at his legs, he jumped back. Cameron rushed her again, jabbing with both his fists in rapid succession. Amy dodged the punches and grabbed his fist as he came in for an upper-cut. She put pressure on his wrist, pushing him away and jabbed him in the side. He coughed and tried to deliver a round-house kick. He was quick.

Amy ducked down beneath his raised leg and kicked right below the knee of his stationary leg. His leg buckled and she elbowed him in the stomach. Once the young man doubled over she delivered a series of punches and elbows, as she went through her stances. The final hit was an elbow to the man's head and he fell to the ground.

The crowd was silent. Amy showed her sister a “victory sign”. The Colonel nodded.

“Alright, Black, not too bad. You left yourself open in a few places," Colonel said.

Amy joined her sister as they watched the rest of the drills. Some guys were pretty good. Most were bad, like drunken bar fights bad. Amy shook her head, no wonder the war was left up to the alchemists. She glanced around the campsite and her eyes fell on a man that easily dwarfed all the recruits. Even though his back was to them, his identity was undeniable.

“That's who I wanna fight,” she said. Cassie followed her trail of sight and blanked.

“You want to what now?”

Amy chuckled darkly, the anticipation had her bursting with energy. What kind of game would it be without a boss fight? Out of all the men here, he was the biggest shark in the pond. Cassie pulled her by the collar.

“Are you insane? What are you trying to prove?”

“Dad always said if you want to keep people from thinking you are weak, pick the biggest guy in the room and beat him.” Her grin turned predatory, “and there's no one bigger than him.” Amy shrugged her off and marched over when the Colonel ordered everyone to gear up.

“You heard me! Black 1 and 2, get your asses over here!” the girls hustled over and grabbed the rifles and lined up with the rest of the recruits.

“What's going on?” Amy whispered.

“No idea,” Cassie whispered back.

“Stop your whimpering!” Colonel Ryan barked and detailed their next exercise. They were to do a scouting exercise. Simple. They were divided into two groups, reds and whites, denoted by handkerchiefs they tied to their forearms. The goal was to find the opposing group's flag, and gather information about its defense.

The Colonel released the groups. The girls ran after their group leader, a man by the name of Major Harrison. He looked at them in disdain, “can't believe we got stuck with the pussy willows. Alright, men,” he leered at the twins, “and girlies….” he divided the group into four: three scouting groups and one to guard the flag. Each group had roughly ten to twelve recruits.

The girls were stuck into Team Charlie, and had the ultimate displeasure of being paired with their sparring buddies from earlier.

“Careful, girlies, never know when you might run into a wolf out here,” Cameron chuckled darkly.

“Can't wait to get you on your back again, Black.” Wilson sneered. They ran off ahead leaving the sisters to seethe in anger.

“You think the friendly fire is off?” Amy trailed them with her rifle.

“Sissy, don't let them get to you,” Cassie sighed. “Come on, let's check this area.” The area they walked through was an empty residential block. The sun burned overhead, and sweat ran down their backs in waves. Most of the doorways were broken it and oozed eeriness. “Isn't it too quiet?” Cassie whispered.

Amy stopped in the middle of the street. Their crew shouldn't have been far, they had all left at the same time. “Maybe...they are good at recon?” her voice was shaky. Cassie fixed her with a look that she didn't believe her.

“Help!” Wilson came from around the block. His eyes were wide and there was blood on his cheek. “Help!” He waved them to follow him back down the block. He turned into an alley between two houses, even in the shade, it was a million degrees.

“What's the situation?” Amy asked. The alley extended all the way to the other street, windows with broken shutters and darkened doors decorated the walls

“Glad you two could come,” another shadow had appeared the way they had come. It was Cameron. He leveled his gun to Cassie's head. Wilson did the same to Amy. “Always loved twins,” he licked his cracked lips.

They pushed the girls back into one of the open doors. The room was dark and dusty. There were still bowls on the table, albeit with a fresh coat of fuzzy mold.

“You fucking bastards, I'll kill you.” Amy hissed. Cameron guffawed, “I think I know which one are you.” He rubbed the back of his head, “that last one hurt, here let me return the favor.” He brought his rifle down hard on her head. Amy staggered backwards and tripped on an overturned chair. Grey spots danced across her vision, and she could taste the blood in her mouth from when she bit her tongue. Cameron stood above her. He had removed his jacket and was loosing his collar in one hand, the other held a handgun. Amy tried to kick him but couldn't move her feet.
“You'd really think it'll be that easy?” Wilson said. She turned to look and saw that Cassie was in a similar position on the floor, legs tied and arms pinned above her head by Wilson. He brought his face to the crook of Cassie's neck and inhaled deeply. She flinched away and he slapped her. “It's been months since we saw any women,” he griped her chin and licked the side of her face. “God must be smiling down on us today.” His handgun was pressed against Cassie's head as he began to pull down her trousers.

“Don't you fucking touch her!” Amy yelled. She struggled beneath Cameron's weight. Wilson grabbed a fistful of Cassie's hair and buried his nose in it. When she tried to cry out, he yanked her hair.

“Women should be seen not heard,” he said, breathing heavily.

Cameron was sitting on Amy's legs and she couldn't lift him up. He already dropped his trousers and his little solider stood erect, she could feel it pulsing against her inner thigh. He was leaning over her, pinning her wrist in one hand and caressing her face with the muzzle of the handgun in the other.

“Be a good girl,” he said as he released her wrists. It took all her self-restraint to not lash out immediately. The black hole of the gun barrel stared down at her like the eye of Sauron. Cameron yanked down her trousers. The cool breeze on her exposed thighs sent her shivering. His fingers teased the end of her underwear.

“No!” she thrust her hands upwards towards the gun. The gun went off. Amy's ears were ringing but she kept her momentum going and smashed the heel of her hand into Cameron's nose. She felt the thin bones break. He dropped his gun as he covered the gushing mess.

“You bitch!” he cried. He lashed out blindly. Wilson was moving behind them, possibly to help his comrade. Amy grabbed the gun with shaky hands.

“Drop it!” Wilson cried. Cassie twisted her body and tripped Wilson. He went sprawling, but he kept his grip on his gun. While Amy was distracted, Cameron grabbed her hand and twisted it painfully  against her back. She cried out and slammed her head backward. Cameron wailed and released her. His face was a mess of bloody and snot, and pure rage. With a beast-like snarl he charged forward again.

Another gun shot resounded in the small room.

He stumbled, his face was pulled in a grimace as he clawed at his back. Over his shoulder, she could see the smoking gun Cassie held.

"I'll kill you both and have fun fucking your-"

Her first shot took him in the shoulder.

"You fucking bit-"

The second grazed his jaw. He cried out but he still kept coming towards her. Amy backed up into the table. He reached for her. She could count the freckles that dusted his cheeks. She emptied the rest of the clip into his chest. He collapsed on top of her, gurgling, drooling blood all over her. When he opened his mouth, he coughed and spat blood onto her face. He jerked a few times as his spirit wrestled to stay in his body.

He lost. She pushed the dead mass as far away from her as she could.

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Post by Mukki on Sun Feb 07, 2016 11:44 am

Cassie tripped Wilson the man fell the the ground with a thud. Looking down at the knot tying her feet together she reached down and started pulling her shoe off. Looking over at Wilson she watched him trying to line up a shot to shoot her sister. With her shoe loosened she kicked it off and was able to separate her feet. Grabbing her boot she chucked it at Wilson knocking the gun from his hand.

"You leave my sister alone." she growled

"Fucking whore." Wilson stated with a spark of madness in his eyes. He got up and started to bull rush Cassie. Cassie took this as her moment to get a little physical and ducked hit him with her whole body. He flipped over her and she started to go for the gun on the floor.

Wilson seeing Cassie's plan grabbed her around the legs and tripped her. With Cassie on the ground he grabbed her by the hair.

"Think that was going to work? You really are a dumb little bitch. I'm going to love choking that neck of yours when I take you from behind." He whispered in her ear as he started to pull her up. She struggled against him but he didn't mind he was a bigger man.

"Lets watch your sister loose." He said as he ran his nose up the side of her neck. Unbeknownst to him Cassie had reached into her boot and grabbed a knife in her left hand.

"Just remember to Sing..." Cassie muttered

"What was that?" Wilson stated looking down at her.

"Solar plexus,"Cassie took her right elbow and rammed it into his gut.
" Instep, " With the heel of her left boot she stomped it on his foot.
"Nose," She pulled her head forward and rammed the back of her head into his face. She heard the crunch of his noes.
"Groin!" She took her right fist and punched him as hard as she could in the groin. She then tried to Rush forward again to get away but felt a fierce tug on her hair.

"You fucking bitch I'm going to kill you! I still got your hair! What are you going to do!" He yelled as he tugged her back.

Cassie closed her eyes as she took her knife and slashed off her hair. Her knife digging into Wilsons hand along the way. Once separated she took her knife and stabbed him in the gut.

Turning around Cassie rushed to the gun on the floor. She watched as Cameron made a rush towards her sister and shot him in the upper back. She then heard the yell of rage from Wilson behind her and turned around in time to see him making a rush at her as well.

There was a resounding boom from the front room as a stone fist blasted the front door and two men stepped in. In the front at ready was Alexander Armstong who looked around the room. From behind him stepped out the Commander with a gun at ready.

The Commander took in the scene.

"Commander. They killed Cameron!" Wilson yelled holding his gut where the knife was planted in him.

The commander looked him up and down before looking at the girls

"Armstong get the laddies out of her and make sure they are covered." He stated.

Armstrong nodded as he took off his coat and walked over to the twins Cassie was crying and hugging Amy who was pulling up her pants properly. Draping the jacket over the two he picked them both up and carried them out.

"Wilson there are two things I hate in this world. Rapists and Liars." The commander stated giving a stone cold glare at Wilson.

"Commander I..." Wilson stared only to be silenced by a bullet through the head. He looked around the room and picked up Cassie's boot and relieved the bodies of there weaponry and ammo.

Stepping out of the building he looked over at Armstong who was watching the two girls. The 3 surrounded by the other recruits and officers.

"Let this be a lesson to all of you! I do not tolerate this kind of Cockamamy bullshit! This is war! We are not savages we are honorable men! I will not put up with common back water swill! You want a dishonorable discharge you will find it on the receiving end of my gun with a bullet in your fat skull." He stated waving his gun in the air

"We are now a family and by the end of this training you better act like it! We protect our comrades! Our brother and our sisters! Two of our men tried to hurt your sisters in the most savage of ways! They are our men no longer! They will not be going home. They will be marked as deserters and their families can forever wonder what happened to them. That is the penalty any of you will have if I even catch wind that you tried to do to any woman what those two pieces of trash tried to do you your comrades today. Are we clear!"

"Sir yes sir!" All the men shouted back

"Good. Burn it down. Let the burned remains of this building be a reminder of what will happen to you all should you forget what I told you." The commander stated stepping away from the building. Armstong stood up and punched the ground and the building glowed and turned to pieces. Officers ran around and 15 minutes later a large pyre warmed the faces of Amy and Cassie.

"Sissy... I don't think this is a game anymore."Cassie whispered leaning into her twin.

"Neither do I..." Amy replied pulling the large jacket around her closer.

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Season 1: Ametris Empty Re: Season 1: Ametris

Post by Ameteal on Mon Feb 08, 2016 9:35 pm


The Colonel ended the exercise and they all returned back to camp. A chill through Amy when the other groups asked about Wilson and Cameron.

“Filthy deserters,” the Colonel spat. No one contradicted him. Armstrong shot them a worried glance but that was all. The Colonel retreated to his quarters, the others dispersed to their barracks. Armstrong escorted the girls to their tiny shack. His mustache twitched as he fought with words to say. Amy passed him his jacket, and muttered a quick thank before closing the door.

The next morning, didn't fair any better. She could feel their eyes, heavy, leering, undressing them. Amy fought the urge to slouch, and walked rigidly through the campsite. Most of the soldiers were seated at breakfast. Armstrong easily took the space of two men at the tables.

“Armstrong!” she called out. The man in question turned around, as did half of the military. Her nerve quivered, but she sucked in air and yelled, “I challenge you to a sparring match!”

The camp was silent as her words sank in, then the men erupted into gut-holding laughter. Armstrong fixed her with a pitying look.

“Are you sure you know what you are asking for?” he asked.

“I asked didn't I? Don't tell me you're afraid of a little thing like me, or is the Armstrong name all talk?”

Cassie shifted behind her and grabbed her shoulder. “Sis let's not tempt him, I mean let him enjoy his meal and we can just…." Cassie said trying to pull her twin away

“I accept! An Armstrong never backs down from a challenge!” The man shot out of his seat, knocking the men on either side of him to the ground.

“Scheiße.” Cassie muttered looking at Armstrong in shock

“Don’t worry young one I won’t hurt her I have honor!” Armstrong stated patting Cassie on the head as Both he and Amy made their way to the sparring ground.

The men gathered around as they usually do for practice. Some exchanged bets, others looked on with bored expressions, having already decided a victor.

“Amy...” Cassie started, only to have her twin toss her uniform jacket at her.

Amy rolled up the sleeves of her white collar shirt and fell into her stance. Armstrong studied her and put up his arms.

I'll show them. No one will ever, ever do that again.

She ran forward and jumped into the air. Armstrong blocked her kick and she back-flipped into the center of the ring. As soon as her feet hit the ground, she charged towards him. He blocked every kick and punch without moving from his spot. This only fueled the anger within her. Her attacks became sloppy as she rushed through the attacks.

She was gasping for breath.

“Had enough?” he asked straightening up. “You don't need to prove anything.”

But I do! She wanted to scream. Instead, she stood there with her clenched fists shaking as she stared at the ground. Tears prickled the corners of her eyes. She couldn't fight off Cameron or Wilson. She couldn't fight Armstrong. She was weak and they all knew it.

Amy could feel Cassie's comforting presence in the back of her mind. She was sending her soothing thoughts. Amy glared up the Strong Arm Alchemist. His eyes widened as she charged yet again. He moved to block his face and torso. Amy increased her speed and slid beneath his legs.

The man moved to turn. Amy had thrown herself to the ground and pushed up with her hands to deliver a kick to his exposed neck. Armstrong tumbled backwards into the sand. Amy stood above him, panting.

“Had enough, Armstrong?”

The red mark of her boot on his lower jaw stood out on his pale skin. Gingerly, he reached up a hand to his jaw, his face was in shock, as were the soldiers.

“What's going on here?” the crowd parted for Colonel Ryan. He stared at the two. “Black, I could have ass for attacking a superior officer.”

Armstrong hastily spoke up, “Sir, I had agreed to the spar.”

The Colonel turned to a random private. “Is this true?”

“Yes-sir!” the boy squeaked.

Colonel Ryan turned to the rest of the crowd, “If you all have time to stand around, you have time for another drill!”

The men snapped to attention and rushed off to get their gear. The Colonel fixed them with another stare, “you three as well.” he said and walked off.


Gunshots rang overhead, the bullets pierced through the half collapsed wall they were hiding behind.

“There's too many!” someone cried.

“Where did they come from?” another yelled. A bullet whizzed pass and took him in the neck. The blood gushed out and he fell twitching to the ground.

“Dear Lord.” Kent whimpered.

The faces of the men blanched. Amy ducked lower to the ground so she was almost laying down.

“I wish we could set the difficulty to this,” she said to Cassie.

“I'll send word to the Colonel, maybe he'll send us reinforcements.” Cooper, a young boy from the West  said. He had the look of a twelve year old with his round face and big eyes. It didn't help that he just brushed five feet.

There was a lull in the fire and he turned to run. He covered about fifteen yards when he was shot down. The bullets tore through his body. He lay on the ground coughing up blood, he was still trying to crawl his way to camp.

Out of all of them, he took the longest to die.

They began their routine drill with ten; four were left, Cassie, Amy, Kent, and Johnson.

Johnson was the oldest of the four at 28. His father wanted him to be a lawyer, obviously they disagreed. He didn't look like the lawyer-ing type with his big build, small set eyes, and obviously lack of vocabulary over three syllables.

Kent on the other hand descended from a family of military elites, like the Armstrongs, and he acted the part too, until the ambush began.

Well who could have been ready for this?

They should have known it was dangerous to turn down the narrow street. They should have known, but they did it anyway and now six were dead. The two men in the front of the group, Amy didn't even know their names, protected the others from the first wave of bullets.

Evans took a hit in the shoulder. He was fine...for awhile. Cassie patched him up but nothing could patch up a broken skull. The Ishvalans had a machine gun. They ripped apart poor Evans' head.

Evans' best friend, a guy called Taylor, jumped from cover and ran, gun blazing, towards the enemy. Thanks to him, they now knew their was a sniper. Luckily, Cassie got in a shot and the tanned man toppled head first into the street below.

Amy gripped her gun to her chest. They were like fish in a barrel; they couldn't retreat, as soon as they left the cover of the wall, they would be shot down. This was a back road so there were no doors or windows to enter. They could go out like Taylor.

She shook her head, feeling real terror course through her.

“If we live through this...I'm going to kill mom,” she said.

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Season 1: Ametris Empty Re: Season 1: Ametris

Post by Mukki on Mon Feb 08, 2016 10:17 pm

Cassie growled as she listened for the sound of the rapid fire again and waited for the pause before she sent out a blind shot that was responded with a yell.

"Difficulty? What fucking Difficulty! There was no difficulty option to choose." Cassie growled out as she ducked when she heard more rapid fire.

"If you are going to kill mom I'm going to destroy the fucking machine!" she yelled to her twin as she waited for the pause and miraculously shot another gunman reducing their enemy.

Kent was crouched low trying to figure out how they were going to get out of this mess and Johnson peaked around the corner before he looked at the twins and Kent. "We are sitting ducks there has to be a way to get out of here."

Kent looked up at him "Do you know alchemy cause I sure as hell dont!" he shouted "We are going to Die out here!"

Cassie rushed over to him and punched him in the face "No we fucking are not! Pull your head out of your ass and use that fucking brain of yours!" she yelled as she looked up and down the ally they were in.

Johnson looked down at the twins "We got into this ally we can try to back down the ally Kent and I cover the front and you cover the rear." he stated as he pulled Kent to his side.

Cassie and Amy both nodded at the plan. Cassie grabbed Kent and Johnsons fore arm "All is one."

Johnson nodded "One is all."

Amy looked between the two in shock "What..."

"Now is not the time." Cassie stated as she pulled her sister down the ally and they got their guns ready. Johnson and Kent kept up a steady fire as they slowly started making their way backwards. Amy and Cassie kept their eyes out for movements and shot at anything that moved. Their plan kept up until Kent gave out a yell of pain.

Johnson Looked to his Comrade in shock before he looked at Amy and Cassie "Run!" He turned to the approaching fire and took hold of Kent's gun. Not needing to be told twice the twins got up and booked it down the rest of the ally and took a sharp left running back from where they came Shots followed them.

"To whatever fucking Deity watching out for us get us the fuck out of here safely!" Cassie shouted to the heavens as she dragged her sister down a separate ally It wasn't till gunfire was far in the distance before they stopped to breath. In front of them were several tents of white.

They fell to the ground gasping and crying tears of pain and relief.

"Med....MEDIC!" A voice shouted before two blonds rushed out and started to look the two over.

"R...Rockbell?" Cassie asked dazed.

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Post by Ameteal on Tue Feb 09, 2016 1:19 pm


The couple, with blood smeared on their clothes, helped the Ishvalan man carrying his comrade. The wounded man was limping, blood soaked his pant leg, and his arm dangled at his side. The Rockbells hurried him into the tent while the lone man outside openly glared at them. He dragged his thumb across his neck and headed into the tent.

“Cassie,” Amy tugged on her uniform, “we should head back.”

“You two!” a young woman shouted from the tent. She waved them over and when the girls hesitated, she ran towards them. The stethoscope looped over her neck bounced against her chest. She knelt beside them, “where does it hurt?” she asked Amy.

Amy shook her head and stood up. “We' fine Miss.” Mrs. Rockbell smiled and checked Cassie. Besides minor scrapes and bruises, the girls were fine.

“All this war is horrible. You two look so young!” she exclaimed.

“Sarah!” her husband called from inside the tent.

“Oh! Got to get back to work,” she said but stopped as she was going to turn away. “You should try to get out of this when you can.” her face broke out in a smile, “you two are lovely girls, wouldn't you want to be having fun instead of being here?” With that said, she ran back into the large white tent.

The sisters backtracked their way to camp. Amy didn't realize how tense they were until they arrived. Immediately, they sought out Colonel Ryan to detail the events of the ambush.

“Bullshit!” They turned to see Whitman pointing an accusing finger at the twins. “You two ran scared while our brothers were slaughtered out there.” The ears of nearby soldiers perked up. They were nodding in agreement.

“You weren't there!” Amy shouted back. If it weren't for Cassie's hand on her arm she would have socked Whitman's ugly mug.

“How convenient that when you two are involved, men wind up dead!” Whitman yelled back.

Amy couldn't think of a retort. Whitman was there that day with Cameron and Wilson. He knew why they died, but this was different.

The Colonel cleared his throat. “Whitman, shut your mouth. This is war, people will die; men and women will die.”


Amy wished she had a calendar to mark the days as they passed. It was difficult to discern one day from the next, or even the day before. It was the same routine: wake up, eat, complete the mission, eat, sleep, repeat.

She was sitting down at lunch, Armstrong to her left and Cassie to her right. Armstrong transmuted an earthen awning to shield them from them from the harsh sunlight.

Over the last...months? Year? It didn't matter, but the girls had come to depend on him, the large intimidating teddy bear that he was.
Faces, new and old, came and went in waves. Like Colonel Ryan said, it was war. Amy didn't even bother to remember anyone's name anymore. At least within Armstrong's presence, the men kept their distance.

“Why is it that when we take down one of those idiots, two more pop up,” the soldier sighed. He was a small guy with spiky black hair. He sat at the next table over with a large bull like man with grey hair. Amy vaguely remembered them as the followers of Greed, but couldn't place their names.

“It's because of the Rockbells,” Amy said. The men looked over at them.

“The what?” asked the spiky haired man.

“They're the medics,” Cassie explained, “they treat everyone, us and the Ishvalans.”

The larger man nodded, “yes, I've heard of them. A couple of humanitarians.”

“Just great,” the first man said, “we shoot 'em and they patch 'em up. It's a never-ending cycle. This war will go on forever.”

“Well someone should just take care of that, hmm.” The man who spoke had long, dark hair pulled into a ponytail and a wicked grin.

“Buzz off, Kimblee,” Amy said. Being near the guy freaked her out. He tilted his head and smiled.

“As milady wishes,” he said with a smirk and strolled off.

They girls finished their meal, said goodbye to Armstrong, Roa and Dolcetto (they finally got around to introductions), and made their way to Colonel Ryan's office for a debrief.

The Colonel was studying some files when the girls walked to his tent. “Reporting for duty, sir!” they recited in unison. They had snapped into a salute and he waved closer.

“Black 1 and 2, good.” He replaced the file in his hand to a growing stack on the floor. Besides this was a large burlap sack with the words MAIL printed in bold black letters. Another bag sat besides this one, it was twice as big as the mail bag.


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Season 1: Ametris Empty Re: Season 1: Ametris

Post by Mukki on Sun Mar 06, 2016 6:34 pm

"All right you two. Report." Colonel stated looking between the two.

"We were ambushed." Cassie stated at she started straight ahead.

"Ambushed? How so?"

"they seem to have been given a tip that we were coming that way. They caught us in between quadrant 4 and 6. The ally before the plaza. We lost Pults and West first. They were first in the marching order they were both shot in the head. Thats what told us to take cover. Evan's was the Third casualty. Shot to the shoulder then his head was blown to bits. Taylor was next. He jumped from cover and tried to get his revenge. His death revealed the Sniper and we were able to kill him. Cooper tried to run for reinforcements an they caught him in the back. Gates was shot in the neck.We lost Johnson and Ket during the retreat." she stated sadly.

"Someone did a tipoff on our patrols. We are going to have to do a full investigation on all who were involved. Till then I was going over your files and came across a small anomaly,"

"Sir?" Cassi asked nervously shifting. Taking a quick look to her twin they both eyes each other in concern.

"Yes an Anomoly when was the last time you two have gone on leave." The colonel stated as he showed the two their files. "You have both been here for almost4 years and have not logged your leave. That can be cause for reprimand." The colonel stated.

"3 years? Has it really been that long?" she looked over at her twin in concern. "Wait we missed 3 birthdays? I'm 19!" she looked over at her sister in shock who seemed frozen in the same realization.

"You two have not been keeping track of the dates have you. Which by the way Happy birthday. For your celebration I would like you to do one thing. Go. Home."


"You heard me Git, Scat, Go Home. You two are my hardest working Soldiers and you have raised up the ranks quickly as is seen by your Sergeant rankings."

"We haven't... been on leave sir."

"You... your joking." he stated dead pan

"No sir we were never told we should go on leave. Its war time."

"Leave. Pack. You are going home in 1 month. Till then you are off the front lines. You are both going to take 3 years worth of leave. Thats 9 months you need to take. We will have you both work 3 months on and off till you get the proper relaxation you deserve. I will not have the both of you get gun happy on me and go clinically mad ."

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Post by Ameteal on Sun Mar 06, 2016 10:34 pm


“You'll be reporting to the your nursing stations as of today and for the rest of the month,” Colonel Ryan handed them a short form and shooed them away before they could complain.

Amy stared at her sister outside the tent. “We don't have anywhere to go!” she hissed. Cassie pulled her further from the tent and towards their shack.

“Well, we'll just have to wing it. We said we were from Reseembool, so that's where they'll leave us.”

“So what? We just hold up there from three months?”

Cassie shrugged.

They changed into their nursing uniforms, a plain navy blue dress that ended just below their knees with a white apron. Amy struggled with the little white cap and finally chucked it at her bed.

“This is bull, we should be out there,” she complained.

“What do you want us to do? Disobey the Colonel's orders?”

“No,” Amy mumbled and put on her cap.

Maes Hughes stepped out of the truck and stretched his back. “Man, I'm never going to get used to riding in those.” He turned to his friend, Roy Mustang, who had his nose tucked into another strategy manual.

“Roy, you're going to tire your eyes. Relax a little, won't you?” He slapped the man on the back and knocked the book out of Roy's hands.

“Hughes,” he said as he dusted his manual, “if you haven't noticed we are at war, no time to relax.”

Maes gave his friend a sly smirk and dragged him off despite his protects.

“Where are we going?” Roy demanded.

“The oasis of any desert.”

They stopped in front of the medical building which used to be a town hall or something but now held the flag of Ametris and a dull red cross on the front.

“Huh?” Roy stared at the building in confusion and let Maes pull him inside. The hall was converted into a medbay with cots lining the walls and all the desks and office supplies shoved to the back of the building.

Immediately, Maes locked his golden eyes on a nurse to his left who was gathering IV bags in a small cart and checking something off on a clipboard.

“Watch and learn, Roy-boy.”

“Maes,” Roy sighed as the man gave him a thumbs up and strolled up to the nurse.

“Hey, sweetie, do you think you can check my temperature. I think I may be coming down with something.” he said with a shy smile. “I'm Maes Hughes, by the way, just shipped out this morning.”

Cassie turned around and rolled her eyes. “Oh you poor thing come in and we will look you over. Dehydration is such a horrible thing in this here parts here now you boys sit down here and I will check your temperature.” Cassie walked away and returned with a glass of water and two thermometers. As the two put the thermometers in their mouths, she noticed Maes wiggle his brow at Roy before she checked her their thermometers.

“Well Mr. Mustang your temperature is all right. Though from the slight flush in your face I would suggest you drink plenty of water.” Turning to Maes, Cassie looked at his temperature. “Oh dear you do seem a bit flush we will have to get you emitted right away. You may even need to be quarantined. Yellow fever and all that.” she said and Maes' face turned pasty.

“Oh no that all right I’m healthy as a horse no need for that,” he laughed nervously.

“Oh no I insist! We caught your sickness early enough there should be enough time to treat it. I have just the cure for it too.”

“Oh no I’m fine honest no need for medicine or wasted resources on little ol' me.”

“No no it must me done.” she stated. Maes looked to Roy when Cassie dumped the cup of water on his head.

“All better now. See you cooled of right quick.”

Roy stared disbelievingly as the nurse calmly took her cart and walked away.

“To be honest...I sort of deserved that,” Maes chuckled and wiped off his glasses. His eyes trailed after the nurse, and his lips quirked up into a smile.

“Unsat,” Roy pulled a notebook from his back pocket. “Disregard of military personnel,” he dictated. He replaced the notebook, “come on, we need to get her name and practicing I.D.”


The first few hours of duty were filled with changing bandages and helping some of the more wounded soldiers to eat. One soldier was missing both his arms, both stopped right above where his elbows should have been. Grenade.

He sat staring at the walls in silence. She remembered him from last month when she served. Although pale from the blood loss, he was of a healthy weight. He wouldn't eat, the other nurses said in hushed tones. Miranda pushed Amy towards him with a tray of mashed potatoes, dry bread, corn, and a glass of orange juice.

The soldier, David Beckett, ignored her as she sat beside him. She tried small talk but his thin face was set in a frown. His blue eyes had begun to shrink back into his skull. Amy brought up a spoon full of potatoes and corn to his mouth, but his lips were firmly sealed.

“Oi, you have to eat, do you wanna die?” she asked him. He blinked and turned to face her.

“Yes.” the word came out like a sigh. His eyes bore through her. “Yes.”

When he opened his mouth again, she shoved in the spoon. He coughed and most of the food fell unto his thin sheet.

“No.” he coughed.

“No?” Amy held the man down and forced fed him, holding his nose so he would be forced to swallow. “Listen soldier, you got two options, either die by suffocation or eat the damn food. You talk the talk but when push comes to shove, you really don't wanna die.”

“So is this how they let the nurses treat the wounded?”

Amy turned around and nearly dropped the spoon in her hand. Standing behind her with an enormous frown on his face was Roy Mustang. His hair was cropped shorter than what she was used to, and his eyes angrier.

“I suggest you let him go,” he growled out.

“Or what?” she said and shoved more food into Beckett's mouth. The man swallowed and panted heavily.


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Season 1: Ametris Empty Re: Season 1: Ametris

Post by Mukki on Sun Mar 06, 2016 11:58 pm

"Mr. Mustang step away from my sister and her paitent." Cassie stated as she walked up to him

"Terror Twins I see. Terrorizing the paitents and Disrespecting Military personel. I can have you two thrown in the brig.

"Mr. Mustang I would like to see you try." Cassie stated with a stone cold stare. "I'm not sure if you noticed but this man is injured severely and malnourished he doesn't want to eat. Do you want to know what that means? It means he could die. Our job is to make sure he doesn't. I'm sure you realize this is war." she stated as she poked mustang in the chest.

"This is a hospital nurse and you are supposed to provide a certain amount of care and decorum!" before he could finish Cassie grabbed him by the front of the uniform to a curtained off room.

Inside the room were men in various levels of injury several men were being held down by nurses so they can be treated or were strapped down by doctors. "This Mustang is War. There is no time to coddle its treat and then continue to the next guy. More than half of these men are not going home alive. So tell me again how me and my sister are not doing our jobs." she stated dragging him out from the curtained room.

"If you want to tell me how to do my job go right ahead. you are more than welcome to join me we have spare nurse gowns in the closet. I'm sure a dress will fit you since you are being such a Drama Queen. But please if you have a problem go see the Commander of the base Colonel Ryan. Welcome to the Isvalian War Goodbye." Cassie said with a sarcastic smirk.

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Post by Ameteal on Mon May 16, 2016 4:05 pm

“Yes, we’ll do just that,” Maes said as he grabbed Roy’s shoulder. He pulled the shorter man with him, “come now Major, let’s leave these lovely ladies to their work.”

“Hughes unhand me!” Roy protested as they passed through the doors. He shrugged him off and marched towards the officer’s tent. Roy snapped a sharp salute to Colonel Ryan and Olivier who were leaning over a map of Ishval. Maes stepped in beside him and tossed an appreciative glance at Olivier. She glared at them and straightened up.

“What is it?” she bit out.

“Major Mustang, sir.” he said. Ryan saluted him back and the two younger men dropped their salutes. “I have come to bring your attention to the misconduct being performed by your nursing staff.”

The two officers glanced at each other and Colonel Ryan spoke up, “are these nurses twins?”

“Yes, exactly.” Roy detailed his encounter with the twins.

“Leave them be,” Olivier commanded.

“What?” Roy couldn’t mask the shock in his voice. “But ma’am--”

“I said leave them be,” she said. Her right hand rested on the hilt of her sword, a movement that didn’t go unnoticed by the two young officers. “They are merely doing their job. In that building they call the shots, they know their duty and will do it well. Our job is to keep them safe and to stay out of their way. Am I clear Major?”

“Yes, very,” Roy said and left. Hughes followed close behind. Roy muttered under his breath about indecency and protocol.

“Well nothing much we can do,” Maes laughed .

“Oh, I will see to it they will get put into their place. Soldiers shouldn’t be treated as cattle.”

“Roy, don’t let this distract you,” the golden eyed man said. “If you’re shooting for the top, it’s best not to make enemies, especially cute ones. I’m pretty sure she liked me--”

Roy tuned the man out as they made their way to their bunker. He glared at the medic bay as they passed.


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